Saturday, June 16, 2018

I Just Can't LET IT GO

If you could name any movie in the last ten years that has had such a huge impact on society what would it be?

There's only one answer.

Hint: The cold doesn't bother her anyway.

Yes, it's Frozen.

I hate the cold. I hate the winter. The cold really bothers me. I don't know how Elsa does it. But she does. And "Let it Go" is such an empowering song until she says, "the cold never bothered me anyway," because it really does bother me and it's terrible.

But, enough negativity.

My little cousin ruined the entire movie for me. 

If I could go back in time, this is the moment I would go back to. I would like to experience Frozen for the first time again. Everyone marveled at how different it was and how well done it was and how great the soundtrack is. The soundtrack is pretty great, however, I don't know how I feel about the movie because I never got the experience of seeing it from start to finish without knowing the ending.

So stop reading if you haven't seen it yet, because SPOILER ALERT below. (Also, if you haven't seen it, what have you been doing with your life?)

I was babysitting and my little cousins suggested that we watch Frozen. Maybe this should've been a red flag for me. Should I have agreed to watch Frozen for the first time ever with a bunch of little kids? Maybe not. But I was too excited. This was it. I was finally going to experience what the hype was all about. We put the movie in. How exciting. I was like a little kid. For the first time in foreverrrrrrrr there was magic and there was light in my life. Until shortly after that song, Prince Hans appears on screen. At this point, you are thinking, here he is, the prince, coming for Anna or Elsa or whatever. Such innocence. Until my little cousins yells, "THAT GUY TURNS INTO THE BAD GUY AT THE END."


The entire movie ruined. Right there. The rest of my night was a total letdown. I had already known that Prince Hans was not the one. I had already known that the was really the first Disney movie where a princess didn't end up with a prince. My entire life came crashing down. I didn't get the experience those emotions when you really learn who Prince Hans is. The events didn't get to unfold before my very eyes that one time. They were just spit in my face. I was never able to really experience Frozen the way it was meant to be experienced. This has been a real tipping point with me and society. Because of this, I have seen Frozen as lesser. Mulan is better. Moana is better. But is this true? I don't know what truth is any more because I don't know if Frozen would've been better to me that Moana. I really have no idea. I struggle with this internally. Things aren't always what they seem but Frozen now seems to me to be not as great as I had hoped. Is it because I have bitterness toward the above situation? Is it because I never got the experience of finding out about Prince Hans on my own? Or, is it really because I like Moana better. 

I just cannot let it go.

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