Monday, December 22, 2014

Legitimate Questions about the "Cloud"

So, all of a sudden, this whole "cloud" thing is taking over technology and I could not tell you one thing about it except that sometimes in my iTunes, there is a cloud with an arrow next to a song or something and some how that song or whatever is stored in this "cloud."
I don't even know what's in my cloud and yet I keep getting emails saying my cloud storage is almost full. I don't understand how the cloud photo stream thing works. I don't understand why when I turn on the cloud, I get all my sisters contacts. Why do we get each other's messages with the cloud? I don't understand this cloud concept.
SO world, I have some legitimate questions about the cloud.

How do you overflow the cloud?
Can't a cloud hold anything?
Where is my cloud?
Can I see it?
How do I know other people can't get in my cloud?
How do I get my family off my cloud?
How do I know what's in my cloud?
How do you put stuff in the cloud?
How does it get there?
Won't my things fall through the cloud?
Why do I have to pay $19 to talk to someone at Apple about my cloud?
Who came up with this cloud concept?
Do they understand the cloud?
Can't they explain it to everyone else so we can get passed this cloud of confusion?
How do you see what's in your cloud?
Why does the cloud have weird arrows on it in my iTunes but no where else?
Is this cloud cumulus nimbus?
Is cumulus nimbus the storm cloud?
What if it storms?
Do I lose what's in my cloud?
Is the cloud a universal thing for Apple to know everything about everyone and take over the world via clouds?
How do you buy cloud "space?"
How do you measure a cloud in GB?
How do you measure a cloud at all?
How would someone hack into my cloud if I don't even know how to get to my cloud?
How does the cloud connect to all my Apple devices?
Is this cloud high up in the sky?
Is it an actual cloud?
How can Apple create this cloud thing?
Does Apple own clouds?
How do you buy a cloud?
Does each person have their own cloud?
Why doesn't anyone at all understand the cloud?

If you can answer any of these questions, I'd like to know the answers.

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